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Accelerated Coaching for Advancement

"Claim Your Seat at the Table"

Meet Kathy

Executive Coach/Mentor of Diversity Talent

Kathy Moodie, CEO, President, of Accelerated Coaching for Advancement (ACA), specializes in diversity and inclusion for individuals, companies, and those looking to energize their advocacy for diversity.  Moodie has earned respect and gained influence in a male-dominated industry which was accomplished through leading by example.  Moodie has coached and mentored over 100 individuals and achieved a greater than 95% success rate in their career advancement.  Her specialty is understanding individuals’ talents and skills to forge forward; while maximizing her clients attributes to ensure “a seat at the table”.


Forward-thinking company leaders believe their organization’s composition should reflect the diversity of their customers and the world at large:  and stats show:

· 67% of candidates want to join a diverse team

· Inclusive companies enjoy 2.3x higher cash flow

· Companies with diverse teams are 1.7x more likely

  to be innovation leaders and 70% more likely to

  capture new markets.


During Moodie’s previous 34 years working for The Boeing Company, her strong leadership, focus, and collaborative approach enabled her to attain the Vice President of Field Operations, delivering wide-body airplanes to customers throughout the world; a position previously never held by a woman.  Moodie’s determination, action-oriented and results driven performance earned her success in aviation, an industry with only 8% female executives.

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What I Specialize In

Keys to Advancement

FindingYour Talents

Straight Talk

Creating & Executing   Strategic Diversity Plans

Empowering Women/Diversity Events

Above the Clouds

The Journey Towards Advancement in your Career Starts Today

"If you want to have a meaningful mentoring/coaching session, Kathy is your Mentor/Coach.  She is a great listener and provides suggestions from her wealth of experiences.  She has impacted not only my career but my personal life too."

- Jennifer Boland-Masterson, Director of Operations, SLS (Space Launch         System)

"Kathy brought me to a new level of empowerment; there was nothing that I couldn’t conquer and be successful.

Kathy is passionate about closing the gender gap in male-dominated fields and showing women can be successful.  Through her mentorship I have become a stronger leader - Kathy taught me to have a strong voice that mattered....... she gave me new perspectives and challenged my thoughts.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am today in my career if it was not for her thoughtful, strong and challenging mentorship and sponsorship."

- Tomeka Long, Supply Chain Senior Leader

"I owe a tremendous amount of my professional success to Kathy Moodie.  Kathy had a profound impact on both my internal thought processes toward business situations and my outward projection to others. 


Kathy is one of my favorite leaders, her unselfish concern for others to continue their inner growth and improve as a person both inside and outside the workplace is unmatched."

- Robert Burrell, Director of Military Operations

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