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Kathy Moodie

Executive Coach

(206) 250-6369

Inspire, Navigate, Guide

Kathy is passionate about women leading in the workplace.  She is an executive coach working with women who have goals to advance their career. 

Her programs inspire women to "want" traditional male-dominated roles, navigate through the challenges and opportunities (plus provide tools and network), and ultimately create a guide to execute their career advancement.

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Looking for someone to talk to women about the great opportunities in the workplace?  Hear stories regarding Kathy's challenges of having a 24 X 7 operations job while raising a child? The only woman leading a large organization?  And ultimately achieving many roles never held by a woman to have an exciting, fun, fulfilling career!!!

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Empowering women sessions

Create energy within your company for women and diversity candidates to achieve their potential and grow you company's talent.

One sessions can inspire your workforce and engage people to support each other in their advancement.

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